Poultry Dashboard

Distribution and epidemiological patterns for IBV

The poultry IBV dashboard was created to produce relevant data insights to inform veterinarians and poultry producers of the global distribution and epidemiological patterns for avian infectious bronchitis (IBV) infections in commercial poultry farms. The data insights generated reflect the distribution of IBV and make use of recent data to predict regional supply needs for IBV vaccines.

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The Data Innovation Hub for Animal Health (DIHAH) is an information and communications technology environment based at the University of Surrey.

Our mission is to make data sharing a smooth process. We recognise the need for an animal health value network with the infrastructure and incentives needed for data owners and researchers to make their data available. This ecosystem will comprise data models, datasets, data sharing contracts, and specialised management services.

DIHAH unlocks the potential to enhance economic competitiveness and productivity growth through fostering new products, processes, organisational methods and enabling entirely new business models. The data dashboards built to date are just the beginning of the journey.

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